6 Projects to Tackle Before Fall

Fall will be here before we know it but before it arrives, there are some end of summer maintenance items you should take care of to help ensure your yard stays healthy throughout the cold winter months ahead. Here are 6 projects to tackle before fall arrives:

The end of summer is the perfect time to treat your yard for grubs. Earlier in the summer, bugs like the Japanese beetle and June bugs laid their eggs in the grass and guess what’s happening now? Their beginning to hatch! To stay ahead of bugs maturing into a nuisance in the spring and early summer, you will want to treat your yard with a grub control product.

Dirt and Grime
It’s been a long summer full of rain, mud and wind. All that weather leaves a nice layer of dirt and grime on your siding, fence, decking and patio. Give everything a fresh start by power washing summer’s buildup off.

b>Pick Up
While your kids (or you) have enjoyed outside toys all summer long, it’s important to remember to put them away before it gets too cold outside. Not only will this tidy up your yard, but it will help to prevent damage to your grass.

Lay Seed
If you have that pesky spot in your yard that just won’t grow grass, the cool weather that fall brings creates the perfect climate to grow new grass. Simply scratch out the bald spot in your lawn, spread a layer of grass seed and then straw on top of that. Don’t forget to water regularly!

If you enjoy seeing those beautiful spring blooms and want them in your own yard, then now is the time to plant bulbs! Additionally, if you already have bulbs in your yard, now is the time to split what you have. This will help to control their size and help you to fill in areas in your landscape that could use a little something to brighten up the space.

Prep your hoses and faucets
This last item can easily be forgotten about, however, it can potentially cause the most damage if not tended too. At the end of the season, it’s important to disconnect all the hoses, drain any residual water, roll them up and store them for the winter. Additionally, you’ll want to insulate all outside water faucets and exposed pipes to prevent freezing in the winter.  

Finish out the summer strong by checking the above items off your list so that you can be ready for fall!


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