6 Projects to Tackle Before Fall

Projects to Tackle Before Fall

Fall will be here before we know it but before it arrives, there are some end of summer maintenance items you should take care of to help ensure your yard stays healthy throughout the cold winter months ahead. Here are 6 projects to tackle before fall arrives: Read More

Prep Your Soil for Spring

Prep Your Soil for SpringNow is a great time to prepare your garden beds for the first crops of the years in order to set yourself up for a productive harvest of beautiful flowers, big bright veggies, and colorful juicy fruit. After all, you want to make sure the time you spend this summer on making sure that you have bountiful crops have the best head start possible. Here are our tips to prep your soil for Spring: Read More

Benefits of Having a Generator

Benefits of Having a GeneratorStorms, no matter the season, can blow into town leaving a path of destruction in its wake and you without electricity. That’s when it’s pretty handy to have a generator sitting in the garage. Here are 8 benefits of having a generator ready to go when you’re without electricity:   Read More

What you need to know about de-icers and salt

What you need to know about de-icers and saltRock salt is beneficial in melting thick layers of ice and snow and one of the first things people reach for when there is bad weather coming. It breaks down the ice on roads and other paved surfaces quite well. It is a matter of safety as ice on steps and walkways is extremely dangerous and leads to numerous injuries every year. De-icers are available that use various chemical variations of salt to melt ice on patios, walkways, and driveways. But as with everything, there are pros and cons. Salt is very soluble and can run off into nearby bodies of water and have a tremendous effect on plants in the area. Here is some information to help you weigh the pros and cons on using salt as a de-icer: Read More

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips and Tricks

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips and Tricks

As winter enters the area some may look forward to the beauty of snow covered trees and yards; while others feel dread at the first site of snow because of the extra time, work and effort that a few inches of the powdery stuff involves when it hits the area. Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Lawn Mower

Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Your Lawn Mower

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and pumpkins are everywhere. It’s finally time to store your lawnmower away for the winter. If you do not expect Santa to bring you a new lawnmower for Christmas you will want to store it properly so that it starts up for you again next spring. Here are common mistakes to avoid when storing your lawn mower. Read More

Aerating and Fertilizing your Lawn in the Fall

Aerating and fertilizing your lawn in the fall

The air is getting cooler and days are getting shorter. Ahh, fall has finally arrived. Time to pack away the lawn equipment and let nature take its course with your lawn, right? Wrong. There is still work to be done to ensure that your lawn is green and lush come the spring. Read More

Make Leaf Cleanup a Breeze

Make Leaf Cleanup a Breeze

Cleaning up leaves isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to do on a Saturday morning. But, it must be done! Just try to think of it as nature’s way to bring some activity into your life. Here are our tips to making leaf cleanup a breeze this season, so you can get back to more fun things like watching football: Read More

End of Season Equipment Care


It’s that time of year to start putting some of your outdoor equipment away for the season. When retiring you equipment until spring, simply tossing it into a shed or garage is not considered a best practice. There are few maintenance items that need to be done so that when it comes time for spring, your outdoor equipment is ready to go.

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Here’s what you need to know about log splitters

Log Splitters

True or false: log splitters cut wood. FALSE. Although it seems like the obvious answer would be true, like the name suggests, a log splitter splits wood. Log splitters are equipped with a wedge that is driven into the middle of a piece of wood until it finally splits. Because of this, it is important to focus on a log splitters strength and not necessarily the speed, when deciding what log splitter to buy. This strength, or force, is measured in tons. The greater the tonnage the log splitter can put out, the harder and wider the logs it can split.
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