Choosing Tires for Your Lawn Mower

Whether you have a riding lawn mower, a gasoline-powered push mower, or like it a bit old school with a reel mower, at some point you’re going to find yourself in need of replacement tires. While each style of mower is naturally different, today we want to set some guidelines that will hopefully make the task of choosing tires for your lawn mower easier.

We’re going to primarily focus on air-filled tires, although hard rubber tires (found on push mowers) will sometimes need replaced too. These hard tires can become cracked or damaged from dry rot or chunks of the tire breaking off.

Choosing Tires for Your Lawn Mower


When evaluating what tire to buy, the first thing to consider is the tread of the tire. As with a motor vehicle tire, tread is the pattern on a tire. The type of tread you select will heavily depend on the nature of the yard you’ll be mowing.

If your yard is primarily flat, a smooth tire will help prevent any kind of damage to your yard. These are usually the type of tire used on golf courses to keep the turf looking perfect.

If traction is important, you’ll want to look for a lug tire. These are particularly useful on steep slopes, but be aware that repeated use can lead to the compacting and possible uprooting of your grass.


There are two “systems” that tire sizes use: a three-number system or a simpler two-number system. In the three-number system, the first number indicates the tire’s diameter, the second is the tire width, and final is the rim width.

The two-number system omits the diameter reading and simply provides a tire width and rim width. Just as with your automotive tires, see what system you have and use this in your buying decision.


The Ply rating on any tire, whether on your car, truck, or lawnmower, is an indicator of the load that the tire can withstand. Lawn mower tires often have one of three ply ratings: 2, 4, or 6. A lower ply number will provide a softer ride but be more prone to puncture. The primary factor when deciding what ply rating you need will be the weight of your mower.

If you find yourself in need of parts or service for your lawn mower, we have you covered. For the DIYer, we can have most parts in stock within 2-5 business days. If you need us to change tires for you, we’d be happy to help! Visit our Service and Repair page to learn more!


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