How to Get Rid of Weeds

With almost forty different types that can infect your yard, getting rid of weeds can be a challenge. All weeds – from crabgrass to dandelion weeds – compete with the plants you actually want, stealing precious soil and nutrients. Not to mention how weeds ruin the look of your perfectly landscaped property. Today, we want to talk about how to get rid of weeks with three simple tricks.

First, let’s consider what a weed is. Technically, a beautiful flower in the wrong spot could be considered a weed. But generally speaking, weeds are invasive plants that tend to take over a garden or yard. They are less desirable plants, sometimes thorny, and often difficult to get rid of.

Oddly enough, there are some arguments to leave weeds in place, as they may help rebalance garden soil. Nevertheless, when dandelions begin to take over your meticulously cared-for lawn, it’s time to take action.

How to Get Rid of Weeds

Remove weeds by hand

No, we’re not insisting that you crawl around your yard and pull up each individual dandelion by hand. But larger, more obvious weeds should be removed by hand. Think about ones that have grown at the edge of your flower beds or within your vegetable garden – that’s what we’re talking about.  

Use liquid removal

Your mind probably went straight to chemicals. While you can use store-bought products, there are other, natural methods you can use on your yard. Soap is good for leafy plants, and if you have a significant individual weed, an ounce of vodka mixed with water will dry out any plant that’s in the sun.

Another option is to apply boiling water to weeds that may be growing in your sidewalk or driveway. It may take two or three applications, but this is about as natural of a remedy as you can ask for.

Vinegar is a third method of liquid removal, although be sure to cover anything you want to keep growing. We wouldn’t recommend spraying vinegar, as it will kill any plant it touches.

Keep up with regular lawn maintenance

Believe it or not, regular lawn maintenance can help prevent weeds from taking root. Mowing your grass consistently will keep weeds from disseminating seeds further. One thing to understand about the nature of weeds is why they take over in the first place. Looking back at the idea that weeds are actually good, understand that part of the reason they exist is to bring water and air to the soil.

Watering your yard consistently is the first step in rebalancing your yard. Next, amplify your efforts by aerating your yard to move air and water deeper into the soil. While you may still need to deal with weeds that have taken hold of your yard, proactive measures such as these can help cut down on their growth. It also helps to set your lawn mower deck height slightly higher to allow for more grade shade at the soil level. While you may be mowing more often, in conjunction with aeration and watering, you should see the weeds in your lawn significantly reduced.

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