Maintenance Value Program

Snappys MVPWhat is Snappy’s Maintenance Value Program (MVP)?

It is estimated that having your personnel run for parts as needed costs approximately 1 hour each time a part is needed, creating longer down time, loss of productive wages and increases vehicle expense.

We offer your maintenance department the option of having an inventory of your most commonly used parts on hand, Snappy’s Maintenance Value Program. We let you choose the selection of parts you need, deliver them to you and check in with you on a regular basis to restock your inventory based on usage. This saves your personnel time and increases productivity by having the items you need on hand.

We carry parts for most engines and have personnel to set you up with inventory, deliver it to you and restock inventory at your request. If at any time you need a part that is not in your inventory we would do our best to deliver it to you in a timely manner.

We offer parts for both your mowers, other lawn care equipment and your winter equipment. The inventory maintained in your shop could be established according to your seasonal needs. With Snappy’s Maintenance Value Program, we want to help decrease your downtime and increase productivity preventing, your maintenance personnel from having to run out for parts each time one is needed.

If you maintain your own equipment, consider Snappy’s fast, professional inventory service.

Call us today at 419-879-1196 to discuss your options for enrolling in Snappy’s Maintenance Value Program!