DR Field and Brush Mower

DR Field and Brush Mower

Don’t settle for a cheap brush cutter! Mow it down and chop it up with the 10.5 Premier. Our lightest, most compact model, this brush mower is nimble, yet powerful enough to take down 2″ thick saplings and tough grass and weeds. 24″ wide cut.

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Mow every corner with ease!

The 10.5 HP Premier Model Field and Brush Mower is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for mowing down thicks weeds and brush in even the tightest corners of your property.

The Premier features a manual starting Briggs & Stratton Power Built engine with a gear-driven 3-speed transmission and power reverse, giving it most of the capabilities of our large-frame walk-behind brush cutters. But it’s lighter and more compact, so it’s perfect for smaller properties and maneuvering in and out of tight spots. The knobby, powered wheels and commercial-duty electric clutch – the same clutch found in our larger machines – add traction and maneuverability. It will cut saplings up to 2″ thick and mow through 4-foot high grass and 8-foot high weeds and brush.