What is erosion, and how do you prevent it?

prevent erosionYou may be putting all this time and hard work into your yard to make it look perfect. You took all the steps and precautions necessary to make all your hard work worth wild, but you notice a part of your yard where the grass is dead, the soil is separated, or water has collected from it raining. This could be an unappealing sight to look at, but you have no idea what it is or how to stop it from continuing to get worse. It could be from erosion in your yard.

Erosion is the process in which the surface of the Earth gets worn down by elements such as wind, water, and other natural elements. Erosion can affect your yard immensely if not handled when signs are first noticed. The first step in fixing this problem is determining the severity of the erosion that has occurred and what is causing the issue. There are many different methods in taking care of this problem, but not having the right method for your certain type of erosion could cause other problems in the future. Once you have determined the severity and the cause of the erosion, then you can begin to figure out what ways will work best for you to correct and protect your yard.

3 ways to help fight erosion:

  1. Plant vegetation– This is a great way to prevent any kind of erosion. It can be anything from flowers to trees. The vegetation can protect the ground from an excessive amount of wind, water, and even human interaction such as tilling or even walking in a certain part of your yard to much. The vegetation will also help keep the soil intact and help keep it from separating. Bonus: Not only does this method help protect your yard, it will help make your yard look more appealing too!
  2. Mulch– Just like planting vegetation, mulch can act as a shield against any excessive elements. Additionally, mulch is very beneficial to the soil and vegetation because of the compounds that mulch is made of. And just like planting vegetation, mulch will add that extra bit of detail that will make your yard or garden bed pop out.
  3. Retaining walls– This is a great way in stop soil runoff caused from too much water. Retaining walls can be anything from bricks, decorative rocks, wood, etc. There are many different options you can choose from to build a retaining wall that best fit your style. When building a retaining wall it’s best to build it around a garden bed to prevent any soil runoff. It will keep the water contained so the water will soak into the soil slower. This is also a very appealing option to make your yard look great.

By taking the proper steps and implementing the proper methods to prevent erosion, you can have a yard looking like new again. For any questions or concerns about erosion or any other law care problems visit our website at www.snappys-outdoor.com or stop in and talk to the experts at Snappy’s.


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